Shut The BUT Up!

Do you use excuses as reasons for not being as personally, professionally, or financially successful as you’d like to be? Then you need to know that excuse-making is no way to live a fulfilled and self-directed life. In fact, excuse-making will keep you stuck, broke and powerless – forever! Whether you’re struggling with a situation that you think will never get better, dealing with people who make you feel worthless or unloved, or are too afraid to take the leap of faith to make necessary changes in your work, finances or education, there is a way out.


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If you’ve ever told yourself BUThead excuses like “But I don’t have enough time”, or “But I don’t know how”, or “But I might fail”, or “But what will people think”, then this book will prove to you that you can truly transform your life and come out on the other side a better, more powerful version of yourself.

Inside Shut The BUT Up! you’ll discover:

  • The 50 different types of excuses that people most often make
  • The main reason why you use this excuse
  • How relying on this excuse keeps you stuck, broke and powerless
  • Specific actions you must take to get unstuck and move past the excuse

You can turn your life around. It all starts with your conscious decision to do something about it. It’s only when you move past your excuse-making that you can finally achieve the personal, professional and financial success you’ve always dreamed of!

Get your copy today and kick-start your personal, professional and success goals! No more excuses!

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