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Have you ever wondered how some women seem to have it all? They have well-paying and highly prestigious careers that they enjoy; they seem to have no problem balancing work and family life; and moreover, they’re at or near the top rung of the success ladder while other women are struggling to get their foot off the bottom rung. Discover what it takes to break through structural and perceived glass ceilings and empower yourself and your career. In Lean in Further! high-achieving women share their secrets for getting to the top ... and staying there. Available Spring 2016: Place an Advanced Order and be the first to get your copy!


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This new book answers many of the questions that you have about the success process. In an age of increasing competition and a scarcity of mentors for women who want to reach the top in their careers, it’s a welcome resource among the bookshelves lined with leadership books that don’t speak to what it takes for the “average” woman be successful in life―women who don’t have rich friends who can connect her to the “right” people; women who don’t have millionaire mentors; and women who don’t have an elite ivy league education to net her a corner office on her first job interview.

Inside Lean in Further: Success Secrets of High Achieving Women you’ll discover:

  • why the issue of gender has a direct impact on women that compete for leadership positions, and the importance of race in the competition
  • what kind of mindset it takes to overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs
  • the importance of being authentic and self-aware of your own key strengths and core values and how to leverage them to achieve leadership positions
  • how to deal with stress, fear, work-life imbalance and all the distractions that can derail your career
  • how to use your vision to develop a clear career path and specific goals for your future

I’ve filled the pages of Lean in Further: Success Secrets of High Achieving Women with material from interviews with 10 of North America’s most accomplished high-achieving women as well as my own research on successful women leaders taken from various sources. This book will increase your tactical knowledge about what it takes to get to the top (and stay there) and provide you with practical tools and strategies to elevate your mindset to create the successful future of your dreams.

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