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Speaking Appearances

I have a powerful message of success for your audience and a fun, interactive and entertaining style that will engage and shift their thought and behavior patterns to improve their personal, professional, and financial life. I have been a keynote speaker for a variety of clients spanning both public and private events (e.g., conferences, corporate retreats, lunch-and-learns, etc.).

Your audience will be inspired and motivated to achieve greater personal, professional, and financial success and will also learn to sustain their efforts using proven tools that they will refer to long after the conference has ended.

Corporate and Private Events

As a recognized leader in thought and behavioral change and leadership development, as well as a 6-time bestselling author, I’ve delivered my signature talks to audiences in various industries (i.e., healthcare, higher education, real estate, legal, IT, retail, and insurance). I’ve found, in my 25 years of coaching and mentoring, that failure to take calculated risks in business boils down to uncertainty about one’s own potential to achieve success. Individual and organizational success hinges on employees’ and leaders’ desire and ability to take the steps necessary to challenge themselves and break through perceived glass ceilings. In this era of global competition for high-calibre talent, it’s essential to incorporate key success principles to ensure that personal and professional goals are met. Today’s employees want to work for organizations that allow them to meet their unique professional goals while working on corporate deliverables.

I would love to use my proven expertise in helping corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales teams to improve their performance, adopt effective stress management skills, and leverage their unique strengths and talents to benefit your organization. Feedback indicates that productivity and employee satisfaction increases significantly after my presentations because attendees have experienced mindset shifts and are equipped with proven tools and strategies to uplevel their success.

I can also customize my signature talks and create new content explicitly designed for your organization and target audience. Many times I’m asked by meeting planners and company reps to customize my talk to address a specific topic (e.g., leadership issues encountered by C-level executive women in Information Technology; stress triggers and coping strategies among university students and faculty; fears experienced by real-estate sales teams and how to overcome them, etc.). I happily do this because my main aim is to make sure  the content resonates with the audience, speaks to their real-life issues, inspires them, and provides specific actions to improve their performance.



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Public Events

I enjoy presenting to the public because it gives me the opportunity to share success principles and mindset transformation strategies to audiences who may be struggling to get their foot on the first rung of the ladder of success. I provide proven success tools and strategies while sharing stories about my personal journeyincluding how I overcame my own perceived glass ceilings, fears, and challenging historyso that your audience can see that they too can be empowered to succeed regardless of what may have occurred in their past.

More than just a motivational talk, I will provide your audience with an emotional and intellectual experience that leads to profound “Aha!” moments and the desire and skills necessary to uplevel their personal, professional and financial success.

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Dr. Jacinth Tracey recently presented at:

Mississauga Board of Trade | Speaker

Information Builders Canada, Toronto, Ontario | Keynote Speaker

International Women’s Day Conference, Toronto, Ontario | Keynote Speaker

University of Ontario / Durham College, Ajax, Ontario | Keynote Speaker

Money, Marketing and Sales Conference, Los Angeles, California | Speaker

Health and Happiness Conference, Toronto, Ontario | Keynote Speaker

Profit Mastery, Burlington, Ontario | Speaker

York Simcoe Women’s Day, Newmarket, Ontario | Keynote Speaker

Women’s Empowerment Conference, Vaughan, Ontario |  Speaker


What people are saying about Jacinth

“I came to this conference just to hear you speak. I heard about you from a friend of mine who heard you speak at a conference last month. I’m so happy that I drove the hour to come here. You touched me and motivated me to step out beyond my limits and make better choices for my life and for my career. I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my outlook. I’m really grateful.” Sandra, Audience member, International Women’s Day Conference

“I met Jacinth this weekend at the International Women’s Day Summit. We had the privilege to share the stage together and she really struck some cords with me and many others. She is absolutely amazing and someone who has changed lives and will continue to change many more. Don’t miss any chance to get to hear her speak.” Melissa Maher, Speaker, International Women’s Day Conference

“You are a hit Jacinth! The feedback about your speech and the positive comments are remarkable. In addition to the positive comments on the evaluations, so many people told me personally about how much they enjoyed your presentation. You really have a way of connecting with people! They can see how authentic you are and how much you want to help them succeed. Your information and delivery was bang-on and your personal success story empowered all the attendees. A totally motivating presentation. Thank you! I definitely need to have you back at our conference next year.” Ann Papazoglou, Event Organizer, Women’s Empowerment Conference

“I truly enjoyed your presentation. You shared valuable content including the science behind why we think the things we do and act the way we do.  And I know everyone enjoyed it!  And your use of the characters “Amy” and “Brenda” to demonstrate two reactions to stressors made everything so understandable. I loved how they all of a sudden showed up again on your distress line later on in the presentation to really make the concept really clear to us. Fantastic and really memorable!” Saskia, Audience Member, International Women’s Day Conference

You were the perfect speaker to kick off the panel! I was so looking forward to meeting you and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.”  L. Sciore, Speaker, Health and Happiness Conference

“Thanks for being the Keynote speaker at UOIT’s First Annual De-Stress Day.  Your contribution certainly made a positive impact and difference to everyone.Sophia Bishop, Organizer, UOITs De-Stress Day Conference 

“Jacinth, you empower everyone you touch. You change lives!” Joel Bauer, Organizer and Speaker, Millionaire Mentor, Profit Point Mastery

My friend heard you speak at the International Women’s Day conference last month. When I saw that you were coming to speak here I knew I had to come. She said that you were a fantastic speaker and gave really good information in an understandable way. She was right! I really enjoyed your talk and the way you gave us practical solutions to everyday situations that cause us to “stress out”. Thank you.” Melissa, Audience Member, University of Ontario’s De-Stress Event

“Your presentation was the perfect fit for the audience! It’s obvious that you really know your content and have an amazing delivery style. I loved how you delivered substantive content in an interactive and empowering way. But what sets you apart is that we all could sense how authentic you are. Not a lot of people have your combination of expertise, delivery style, and authenticity.” K. Richardson,  Audience Member, York Simcoe Women’s Day Conference

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you hire me, an experienced speaker, who has worked in numerous sectors to educate, motivate, and inspire audiences to move beyond their perceived limitations, uplevel their leadership, and achieve a higher level of personal, professional, and financial success.

Choose from among 4 signature talks or allow me create a special talk that meets your unique needs. I’m available as a speaker or keynote.

Signature talks:

  • Lean in Further: Success Strategies for Becoming an Extraordinary Woman Leader (TM)
  • Break Through Your Glass Ceiling: How to Get Unstuck, Get Going, and Get Radical Results (TM)
  • What’s Your Leadership IQ: Leading in an Era of Competition and Change (TM)
  • From Fearful to Fearless: How to use Your Stress, Fear and Anxiety as a Catalyst for Lasting Personal and Professional Success (TM)


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Media Appearances

Television, Print, and Radio Guest appearance

Over last 25 years, I’ve been called upon numerous times to participate in television, radio, newspaper, and magazine interviews including appearing on CBC NewsWorld, CTV news, Rogers television, Toronto Life magazine, The Toronto Star, The Vaughan Citizen, and countless local newspapers and radio shows.

I’m always delighted to speak about:

  • Overcoming stress, fear, and limiting beliefs getting in the way of personal, professional and financial success
  • How women can develop leadership competence in their personal, professional and financial life
  • Women and work (work-life balance; breaking through the glass ceiling; the role of gender socialization on career choices and upward mobility, etc.)
  • Life beyond boundaries (overcoming structural and emotional obstacles to success; living an authentic life; personal empowerment as a vehicle for individual and social change)
  • From stressed to success (TM) (using stressful experiences as a  mechanism for empowerment and motivation for positive change)
  • Lean in Further (TM) to break through perceived glass ceilings, uplevel your leadership, and empower others to be their best selves

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