About Jacinth Tracey, PhD

About Jacinth Tracey, Founder and CEO

Jacinth Tracey, PhD is a Corporate Leadership Skills Trainer and Executive Success Coach for Corporate and Entrepreneurial Women. She has over 25 years of success coaching and team development experience, with a focus on helping to empower corporate leaders and business owners to overcome barriers to their personal, professional and financial success. As a past academic, corporate executive and now successful entrepreneur, Jacinth is uniquely suited to educate others about what it takes to master the leadership game.

Jacinth’s academic preparation (doctorate in mental health and performance management), specialized training in reprogramming the subconscious mind, certification as a master practitioner coach, and 25 years of successfully developing leaders and high-performing teams in diverse sectors (including universities and colleges, hospitals, national health research, community not-for-profits, and the federal government) led to her creating and incorporating her signature P.O.W.E.R System: A 5 Step Framework for Accelerated Results™ into her executive coaching practice and corporate training.

This holistic system delivers high-impact results and has led to radial success for executives in such companies as Winners/Marshalls, the Canadian Institute for Health Information, Cancer Care Ontario, University of Toronto, and in numerous entrepreneurial businesses.

Her executive coaching programs provides women leaders with powerful tools to uplevel their leadership skills, increase their professional, financial and personal success, overcome stress, overwhelm and self-sabotage, and break through fears and perceived limitations.  Her corporate leadership training empowers leaders and high-level decision-makers to master leadership competencies (such as emotional mastery, communication mastery, team building mastery, and self mastery) and grow in self-awareness and authenticity so that they remain in integrity while reliably and consistently propelling themselves and their employees to higher levels of individual and corporate success.

Jacinth has a true gift for relating to and motivating others to reach their highest potential. Her coaching style is grounded in her ability to bring out the strengths and authenticity within people that will allow them to shine. She combines her holistic approach to transformation with an empathetic and humorous style that allows people to accept themselves and others for whom they are. The proven tools provided within her P.O.W.E.R™ system allows for self-improvement and an increase in self-awareness and mindfulness that propels her clients to radical success. Her open and honest approach allows her clients to accept responsibility for their decisions while she holds them accountable to working towards their short- and long-term goals. She is an excellent listener who hears and translates the concerns of her clients into actionable goals. She helps clients to not only understand themselves and those they work with, but also helps them to leverage their unique strengths and those of others to maximize individual and organizational performance.

Jacinth is a multiple bestselling author and co-author of books designed to inspire, motivate and transform, and is a much sought after speaker on such topics as: women and leadership; breaking through glass ceilings; overcoming limiting beliefs; moving from fearful to powerfull in life and business; and dealing with stress and overwhelm.

Jacinth is very active in the community. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Alzheimer’s Society, numerous corporate committees, and is currently helping with various local community initiatives.


The Wired2Succeed Difference: Not Your traditional Leadership Coaching Experience!

All Wired2Succeed™ programs are based on Dr. Tracey’s holistic approach reflected in her P.O.W.E.R System: A 5 Step Framework for Accelerated Results™.  This proven system is based on Jacinth’s doctoral studies in mental health and performance management, 10 years of corporate executive experience in managing and directing high-visibility teams, specialized training in mindset reprogramming, and 25 years of successfully coaching and mentoring individuals and corporate teams across a variety of sectors. Whether you’re looking for corporate leadership skills training or require executive success coaching, Jacinth’s signature system will allow you to gain insight into the values, strengths, beliefs and mindset that guides your behavior and how you can leverage your unique excellence to take action, accelerate your success, manage your stress, and create a private and professional life with authenticity, vision and clarity. Jacinth’s easily implementable P.O.W.E.R System™ leaves you feeling thoroughly equipped to overcome excuse-making, procrastination, fear, and doubt and take confident action to achieve your goals.

W.I.R.E.D for Leadership™ Corporate Training Programs

The W.I.R.E.D for Leadership™ corporate program provides group training to 4 or more participants. This carefully planned curriculum delivers accelerated results in record time.

Whether you are a for-profit or not-for-profit organization, you’re in the business of selling your products and services to customers and clients and retaining a high calibre workforce. A recent international survey revealed that leadership development and employee engagement are the most significant human capital concerns with respect to organizational longevity. Increasing rates of attrition across diverse multinational corporations gives credence to the finding that “people don’t leave bad companies, they leave bad leaders.” A competent and motivated leadership team is essential to keep your staff engaged and productive, has a significant impact on employee morale, absenteeism and attrition, and directly impacts the bottom line. Leadership development is now an essential part of organizational planning.

Take a look at the program offerings and contact Jacinth to uplevel the skills of your leadership team.

W.I.R.E.D Women Leaders™ Individual Program

Private executive success coaching is provided to high-achieving corporate or entrepreneurial women through the W.I.R.E.D Women Leaders™ program. This personally tailored coaching experience is a source of education, resources, mentorship and accountability. It gets to the heart of a woman and allows her to discover what makes her unique. This proven transformative process provides an unparalleled experience explicitly designed to uplevel your leadership game in your professional, personal and financial life.

Because success is directly correlated to being self-aware and mindful of your thoughts, feelings and actions, you’ll be provided with the exact steps that you need to overcome perceived limitations, overwhelm, stress, fears, anxiety and self-doubt. You get tools to tap into your key strengths and core values which will allow you to play a bigger game in your professional and personal life. You’ll discover the key qualities of what makes a woman leader successful (including financial mastery, emotional mastery and time mastery) and will expand your vision of your career or business. You’ll have the proven tools you need to finally focus on getting the professional, business, personal and financial life of your dreams.

Take a look at Jacinth’s executive coaching offerings and contact her to radically transform your personal, professional and financial life.

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